Episode 12 - Cringe Binge Vol. I

Everyone should listen to their therapists. That's the lesson to be learned in this week's episode as we enter our first Themed Month of podcasting with Cringe Binge September 2018. Join Emily (and later on Chels and hopefully a guest or two) as they tackle fics that they previously considered "Cringey" and try to wrestle their demons and darkness out of the pure heart of their fanfic consumption. Make sure you check out all of the artists and creators linked below from the girls' trip to Rose City ComicCon and leave them some love!

Ollie's Wand ShopHazy Dell Press,  Mandafest DestinyCult Classic PostersGirls Have a BlogJeff CarpenterMagic WheelchairThe Laughing Owl

Fic of the Week: 

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by abovethesmokestacks 

Sweet Dreams- Assorted Flavours by abovethesmokestacks

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