Episode 49 - We Have Always Lived in the Tower

Everyone saw Avengers Assemble in 2012. Everyone then immediately went home, took to the internet, and we reached a peace agreement for the first time since strangers found out they could argue online. We all moved our favorite superheroes into Avengers Tower in NYC. We all agreed there would be familiy dinners and movie nights and Clint would hang out in the vents and Tony would never sleep and Steve would never EVER have game as long as he lived. And we looked upon this world we had created and we declared that it was good.


Culture and Other Balls of Twine by Lithiumdoll

A Space Between by enigma_eggroll

Insomnia by theMightyPen

The Great Grandparent Conundrum by Artemis_Day

64 Colors by victoria_p(musesfool)

Comfort/Food by spockside

Run 'Verse by themonkeycabal

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I Ship It by Not Literally

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