61 - Rainbow Connections

"Did you know that the B in LGBTQ+ stands for 'Best friends since childhood, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were inseparable on both playground and battlefield'?" We're digging into the deep stuff this week guys. Nia's back to talk about fanfic's gay gay history, talk contemporary trends, and shares hopes for the future of queer content. And then Emily takes over to railroad the conversation into a discussion about how much Steve and Bucky are and have always been in love. There's a lot ot unpack here, lovers, a lot to unpack.


can we always be this close? by maggneto

Episodes by plumsforbucky

Supersoldiers are idiots and I hate them: a book by Sam Wilson by this_wayward_life

Hands of Clay by mhalachai

Seventy Years of Sleep by cardiamachina

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I Ship It by Not Literally

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